MAM is the undisputed leader in high-security storage options outside the banking system in three select locations, shared below.

Primary Considerations

A critical aspect of owning physical precious metals requires storing the same outside of fragmented financial and political systems. If the storage location doesn’t align with such goals, the strategy is defeated from day one.

The choice of a secured storage service and location is therefore a prime consideration, as is the free availability for independent auditing of client assets.

Matterhorn Asset Management offers vaulting options of the highest quality, outside of the banking system and located in the most investor-friendly jurisdictions where respect for (and protection of) individual financial freedoms and private property rights are assured.

We also provide the highest available encryption and server-secure technology to protect the privacy of all client data.

Jurisdiction is Key

Political and economic stability are key jurisdictional considerations for the storage of precious metals.

Toward this end, two countries stand out from the rest: Switzerland and Singapore. Matterhorn Asset Management offers exceptional, high-security storage options in each of these marquis locations.

At Matterhorn Asset Management, decades of experience have resulted in a long list of best practices, including our menu of time-tested storage options, which include the following carefully selected locations and security measures:

1. Zurich / Switzerland

  • This high-security vaulting facility is located in a restricted/bonded area directly below the Zurich airport.
  • Our vault has been in operation for over half a century and is fitted with the latest security features and monitoring technology.
  • Due to its special customs status, the facility is also suited to store other precious metals VAT-free, such as silver and platinum as well as gold.
  • As part of a well-connected transportation hub, our airport location allows clients fast, international access to their precious metal holdings.

2. Mountain Vault / Switzerland

  • Unequivocally the most coveted and military-grade secure storage facility in the world, our high-security mountain vault is located within the Swiss Alps, far from the banking system as well as other geopolitical hot spots.
  • This carefully guarded, underground “zero-risk” location boasts an infrastructure in solid rock with the highest possible protection against earthquakes, atomic, biological and chemical attacks.
  • The mountain vault location includes a nearby private airstrip and high-end lodging option for easy client access at any time.
  • The required minimum investment for the mountain vault is CHF 5 million (USD 5 million).
  • For more on our vault in the Swiss Alps, we invite you to view the following, brief video:

watch video

3. Freeport/Singapore

  • The Singapore vaulting facility offers additional geographical diversification by being in the Asian economic and geopolitical sphere.
  • It is served by the latest multi-level security technology, including full-body scan and biometric verifications to access different sectors of the complex.
  • Its close proximity to the airport offers customers convenient access to their precious metal holdings.

For enhanced security and privacy, MAM hosts and manages all operational and client data exclusively on proprietary servers using high-availability system architecture in an underground, zero-risk facility in Switzerland.

We are committed to the latest technologies, advanced encryption standards and leading protection measures to ensure that all customer and critical information is fully protected and remains confidential.

Data is continually backed up at multiple, physically separated data centers offering the best protection against EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attacks, malware, natural disasters, fraud, vandalism, fire or any other known threat.

We encourage our customers to communicate with MAM directly through our Client Portal, as portal messages are end-to-end encrypted to safeguard the full confidentially of the transmitted information.