MAM is the only global enterprise offering clients direct, segregated and completely unencumbered ownership of (and access to) precious metals stored in the safest vaults in the world.

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No matter how significant one’s accumulated wealth, the preservation of that wealth through superior precious metal ownership is a critical factor and MAM priority.

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MAM ensures the best liquidity of client assets through leading Swiss refiners. Switzerland offers the oldest, safest and most stable and reputable location in the world for precious metal ownership.

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Setting the Global Standard in Service 

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Having earned decades of trust from sophisticated investors across 75 countries, our multi-lingual team of financial professionals has set the global standard in becoming the world’s leading precious metal advisory service.

MAM is dedicated exclusively to providing the highest level of advisory and risk protection assistance regarding the acquisition, sale, trading, storage, transportation and insurance of only the highest quality silver and gold, the majority of which is refined here in Switzerland.

Our values and guiding philosophy are premised upon a shared passion for helping others. This is why we are not timid in our singular conviction that precious metals represent a critical, as well as timeless, aspect of sophisticated wealth preservation, past, present and future.

Unmatched Security, Risk-Management and Jurisdictional Advantages

Our unmatched security protocols, asset expertise and client servicing along with an ownership structure free of counterparty/intermediary risk gives our exclusive clientele direct ownership of, as well as access to, their assets in all market conditions.

The depth of our professional profile is industry-leading, as is our state-of-the-art storage facility in the Swiss Alps complimented by other vaulting options in Zurich and Singapore. With offices deliberately based in Zurich, such added jurisdictional advantages as to privacy, rule of law, political stability and access to the world’s top Swiss refineries compliments every component of our carefully designed service.

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